Nonprofits, Groups & Associations across the country have had to cancel fundraisers, galas, auctions, and other benefit events. This major source of revenue needs to continue.

Vehlo Virtual has created a platform specifically designed to transform the online event into an interactive occasion.

It's Still On!

The partners at Vehlo Virtual are all board members or founding members of non-profit organizations. We understand the need to raise funds and the need for effective online experience to replace on-ground events.

Our dedicated online venue is used for such events as fundraising galas, telethons, auctions, trade shows, and conferences. Organizers have options to create the perfect event for their audiences including live and recorded content. Never have to cancel your event again.


It's Easier!

Event organizers need a platform for events online that is cost effective, deploys quickly, and integrates multiple elements in an elegant and rich experience for attendees. We have seen significant funds raised, often as much or more than on-ground events with less planning, less staff, and less expense… all in less time!

We can create a custom experience for the organizer, as well as their guests. Tired of moving tables around? We’ll virtually do all the heavy lifting for you!

It's Bigger!

There is no question that technology has allowed us to connect across the globe and we can make your event reach out to more people than you have ever imagined. We will also provide valuable metrics to help build your next event.

Like you, we’ve participated in many online events. There was no platform that was simple to use, allowed for customized branding, and integrated multiple video feeds with a purchasing or donation element. Now there is, let us show you how it’s done.

We believe we learn the most when we listen. We want to hear about your vision for your online event. Together we will present a rich experience for your attendees.

Ready To Make Your Event Happen?

Let’s Build This Together!